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Tired of packing up all your gear and trying to hike to the remote destination you’ve been dreaming of? We have the solution! With our specially designed and customizable trailers, you now have the freedom to explore the backcountry like you never could before.


built-in canopy

Our customizable trailer offers a built-in canopy for all those times you want to be protected from the elements. You never know what Mother Nature might throw your way, but with the built-in canopy, you can be prepared for any type of weather you might encounter.

cargo area for trailer

Plenty of cargo

We also offer plenty of cargo space for hauling your overlanding necessities. Don’t leave something behind just because you don’t have room to store it. With our cargo space, you will have plenty of storage to make sure all your belongings make the trek.

Custom overlanding trailers for serious off-roaders starting at $25,900

Nocona Overland trailers are the solution you’ve been waiting for. Customize your trailer today and set off on the adventures of your dreams!

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bed inside trailer

Spacious Interior Cabins

Our spacious interior cabins ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible and offers a comfortable place to rest after a day of adventuring.


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