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About Nocona Overland

Since 1984, we have been on a quest to tour Colorado’s mountains and remote locations. After realizing the locations we wanted to be in most weren't the easiest to hike to or get to on horseback, we knew we had to take matters into our own hands and quickly decided to make overlanding easier. We also knew we couldn’t be the only ones with this same passion of working and playing in the mountains of Colorado. Ultimately, because of this extreme desire to be in the wilderness, we founded this company. We started this company with the great expectations that other outdoor enthusiasts would see the benefit of overlanding.

Fast forward to today, and we have designed the perfect solution for getting to the backcountry. No longer do you need to pack all of your hiking gear on your back, or travel with horses. With our uniquely designed and customizable trailer, you are able to pack all your gear and set off on the adventure of your dreams. Get out and go explore the wild blue yonder with Nocona Overland.